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You are the last surviving member of the Human race. Travel back in time to prevent the destruction of humanity in this Sci-fi RPG!


no, we don't have 100 years of combined experience. No, we don't have a top-of-the-line studio. What we do have is passion. Passion for developing games and creating an experience for our beloved players, and determination to push through the toughest challenges to bring you guys the best possible games that we can make. Negative Zero was created around the ideal that players come first. We want to hear what you think of our projects and ideas! Send us your feedback on our Facebook or Twitter.


unity programmers


you must be experienced with the Unity engine, and C# programming. Goal-oriented and responsive AI, swarm behavior and interaction, 2D and 3D pathfinding, dynamic economies, dynamic dialogue systems, procedural generation, cloud networking, and cloud data storage are a few of the challenges you can expect to tackle as a programmer for the Venturi project.

2d/3d artists


your job is to create the universe. If you have a passion for creating sci-fi assets of all shapes and sizes, this is the perfect gig for you! The game-world will be packed with various ships and characters from 6+ races, space stations, planets, outposts, weapons, drones, asteroids, and debris. With a more-than-successful Kickstarter we will also introduce ground-based movement, unlocking a new wave of potential for programming, art, and design.

compensation will be contracted revenue share, payed after a successful Kickstarter campaign (scheduled for April 15) and monthly sales revenue. Rates are negotiable. You must be able to sign and return an independent contractor agreement and non-disclosure agreement. There is also potential for split up-front payment.


let's keep in touch! You can reach us via Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit.